Eric Leyland aka Nesta Grant (1911-2001)

British, hugely prolific author of over 300 children's and adult books in a wide range of genres including school stories, adventures, thrillers, horse stories and Westerns. He wrote under a number of different names. 

Born in Ilford, Essex. He trained as a librarian and worked for a time as Chief Librarian in Chingford. He was also joint principal of Normanhurst School along with his wife. But it was as an author that he became most well-known.

Amongst his works are a couple of horse and pony stories. He also wrote a Western series featuring a hero called Six Gun Gauntlet and his 'wonder horse' - I haven't featured the series  below as I am not sure how much horse content is actually in the books, but if you like children's westerns, it my be worth checking them out. If you know more about this series, the two horse stories below, or know of any other books featuring horses or ponies written by Mr. Leyland (under his name or any of his alter egos) I would love to hear from you.

Horse and Pony Books as Eric Leyland:

SUMMARY: Racing story for older children. Probably aimed at boys, as most of his titles written under his own name were considered boy's stories.

Collectors Info:
Does not appear to have been reprinted. Fairly easy to find in the UK and usually low cost. Much harder elsewhere.

Horse and Pony Books as Nesta Grant:

(WARD LOCK 1953)
SUMMARY: I don't know much about this book. I think it is a girl's career type story of a young woman learning to become a riding instructor. If anyone has the book and can give me more information about it, I would be very grateful.

Collectors Info:
Fairly rare, but not usually too costly.